Choosing Laminate Wood Flooring over Hardwood Flooring

Choosing Laminate Wood Flooring over Hardwood Flooring  – Laminate wood flooring can be an inexpensive and attractive alternative for people who cannot afford the costs of genuine hardwood floors but would still want the same quality and durability that solid wood flooring provides. Several benefits can be derived from using this type of flooring rather than wood floors. Although there may be a few downsides, these are easily outweighed by the advantages.

Similar to hardwood flooring, laminate wood flooring is comprised of planks that can be bought according to size. Although the material used in these planks is not solid wood, they are however made with various materials that are strongly bonded together. Melamine plastic usually comprises the bottom layer along with other woodchip composites. These materials contribute to stability and durability similar to what hardwood offers, including the capacity to keep moisture away from concrete flooring underneath.

The inner core, which is found just above the layer of melamine, usually consists of fiber board or pressed particle board while the topmost layer is an excellent reproduction of wood grain in whatever type of hardwood you wish. Top-notch laminate wood flooring can look like real hardwood, and some experts even have difficulty in spotting the difference between the two because of quality manufacturing. The price of laminate wood flooring is dictated by its density. If you would love to have a hardwood floor but are worrying about the cost, then you might want to consider opting for laminated flooring instead.

The topmost layer found in most laminated wood flooring is also called the coating or wear layer. This is comprised of melamine resin and aluminum oxide which contribute to the flooring’s sturdiness. Next to diamonds, the aluminum oxide found in this type of flooring is in fact one of the hardest natural surfaces that can be found. This characteristic protects the laminate from damage and scratches that are usually caused by foot traffic, household accidents, and other activities.

Unlike hardwood floors, laminated wood flooring can be installed in areas that are constantly exposed to water such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements because it is water resistant. It is also less likely to rot and decay as most hardwood floors, making it more versatile and durable. The aluminum oxide meanwhile is resistant to stain and fading caused by water and sunlight exposure. It is easier to install as well since you can do it on your own and with little effort.

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